Ready For Cool Party Games And Ideas?

Finding cool party games to play for your special occasion shouldn't have to cost you a fortune. We understand that you're hosting a party but can't afford to break your wallet on entertaining.

party ideas,party hats

We have plenty of cool games for large groups as well as small.

Everyone wants to throw an awesome party that involves fun games.

Yes , it's that easy, just follow our cool party ideas and we'll have your party being the talk between your friends for quite some time.

funny party games,funny games
Funny Party Games

Running Wild,Brave To Shave, Freeze The Tees...

baby shower party games,baby shower games,baby shower game ideas
Baby Shower Games

Unique Baby Shower Games Game, Coed Baby Shower Games...

carnival party games, carnival games for kids,carnival games
Kids Carnival Games

Carnival Cans, Ring Toss, Dart Balloons...

mystery games
Mystery Games

Fairy Kids Mystery, Adult Mysteries...

 Halloween party ideas,halloween games
Halloween Games

Indoor Scavenger Hunt, Outdoor Scavenger Hunts...

 adult games,scavenger hunt ideas
Scavenger Hunt Games

Indoor and Outdoor Scavenger Hunts...

birthday party games for kids,kids party games
Kids Party Games

Dinosaur Games, Carnival Games, Kids Scavenger Hunts...

teenage birthday games,teenage party games
Teenage Games

Spin The Bottle, Truth or Dare, Who Am I...

adult birthday games,adult party games
Adult Games

Mystery Games, Cornhole, Drinking Games...

office games
Office Party Ideas

Mystery Dinner Party, Office Stalker, The Statue...

drinking games,adult party games
Drinking Games

Phineas and Ferb Drinking Game, Dysfunction Junction...

Dice Activities
Dice Games

LCR Dice Game, Dice Drinking Games, Knock Out...

Go ahead and get started on some games that will make your guest of honor be on their way to a celebration of a lifetime.

It really doesn't cost much to play two hour murder mystery games, and several of our scavenger hunt games can be played with only your imagination, depending on how creative you can be!

Your adult games can include cool dress up themes like the 1920's era with the old gangster hats and feathered neck scarfs.

Wouldn't you just love to host a murder mystery dinner party?


Teenage games can also include murder mysteries, they'll love the dress up, action packed, 'Who Dun It' murder mystery games.

One of the main things to remember is, allow plenty of time for your party guest to arrive and get settled in before playing your games!

You'll also need good party planning ideas. Party planning doesn't have to be a nightmare, actually it can be fun with a little guidance.

#1- Invitations: A cool party starts with cool invitations. If possible try to make your invitations match your party theme.

#2- Date: Remember, your the one planning the party. Pick a time & date that is good for you. It's not a good idea to rush home from work and start a party. It's almost impossible to schedule a date and time where everyone can be there, especially when there is summer sports and fairs going on!

#3- Location: Now that you've worked so hard on setting the date, you'll want to find a good or central location for the party. Several people just have their parties in their home.If you plan on renting a place, you'll need to call way in advance, party places book up really fast.

#4- Theme: Believe it or not, every party can have a theme, you just have to think about it. Think out of the box! Kids birthday party themes are easy to find, pirates, cowgirls or cowboys, princess. A pirate theme can consist of a treasure hunt game or scavenger hunt.

Try to carry out your theme the best you can into your invitations, foods, cake, even your party games.

This will make for a Really Cool Party!

If you'd want to come back and visit us, you might want to subscribe to this site, it's going to be full of games for kids, tweens, teens and adults.

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