Baby Shower Party Games

baby shower party games,baby shower game,baby shower,baby showers,baby shower games,coed baby shower These baby shower party games will make your next baby shower a fun and exciting way for your guest and the guest of honor to celebrate a new life.

Baby shower parties have changed over the years. It used to be a shower was held only for the first child's arrival.

Now it's acceptable to hold a baby shower for a second and third child.

Men typically didn't care to attend baby shower parties, but times are changing and now a lot of baby showers are held with both parents attending the party.

We've included several coed baby shower games that will make men feel comfortable enough to enjoy the party also.

Easy Baby Shower Party Games

Party games that are easy to set up and easy to play will allow you more time to spend with the guest of honor and party goers.

Simple Baby Shower Game:

This is a simple addition that can be fun and played throughout the other baby shower games.

Place stickers on cups, plates, napkins, chairs, game cards etc...and put a duplicate of each sticker into a small bowl. Throughout the party have the guest of honor pick a sticker from the bowl. The guest who has the matching sticker wins a prize.
Store the sticker game prizes in a diaper bag or laundry basket to give to the guest of honor at the end of the shower.

baby shower party games,baby shower game,baby shower,baby showers,baby shower games Easy Baby Shower Party Games Within Budget:
Don't let the phrase "Easy Baby Shower Games" fool you. These games may be easy to set up but they are loads of fun to play.

Baby showers should be fun and enjoyable for the host, all the guests and especially the expectant parents.

You've spent a lot of time and energy getting the baby shower invitations out, the food menu prepared and the baby shower decorations put into place, preparing the baby showers entertainment shouldn't have you pulling your hair out.

Pick several games that you feel your friends will enjoy and have several baby shower games or even conversations starters planned as backup material in case a game flops or conversation is thin.

Baby Food For Thought

Buy 5-10 jars of baby food or ask friends to donate. You can even make your own food and place them in the baby jars, this may make your guest squirm a little more.

Use a marker to write the name of the food on the bottom of the jar and a number on the side of the jar.

Remove the labels from the jars and set them up in a row.

Have the guests try to guess what type of food is in each numbered jar. The person with the most correct answers, wins.

If you have a small group you can give each person their own jar of unmarked baby food to try.

Mothers' Circumference Game

This traditional baby shower game has been played at many baby showers over the years.

Pass around a ball of yarn or twine and a pair of scissors.

Guests cut off a length of yarn that they estimate the mother-to-be tummy is around the navel area.

You can either have the guest of honor try everyone's string or cut one of the correct size and compare it to each guest piece of yarn. The closest one to the correct size, wins the game.

Feed The Baby

This baby shower party game is played "like pin the tail on the donkey" except you use a picture of a drawn babies face.

On a piece of poster board draw a baby face with the mouth open.

Cut out baby bottle shapes from construction paper.

Blindfold the players one at a time and have them try to pin the bottle to the babies mouth. The person who gets the closest wins. This easy baby shower game is good for a lot of laughs!

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I'll Drink To That

But Only At Baby Shower Parties!

This easy baby shower game called "I'll Drink To That" is hilarious to watch. Not everyone will want to participate so choose 4-6 volunteers to do the drinking game.

Fill 4-10 baby bottles with milk, juice, water or even wine.

The person who can finish off the bottle the quickest is the winner of the game.

You probably remember this ole fashion baby shower party game called

How Many

Fill a baby bottle or jar with Q-tips, cotton balls, diaper pins or wrapped hard candies. Have each guest write down their best estimate of the number of items in the jar.

The closest guess without going over, wins a small prize.

The guest of honor receives the jar fill with the baby items.

You could also stuff a baby bath, diaper bag, carry all bag etc... with useful baby items and have the guests guess how many items you have stuffed into it. This would make a great gift for the parents to be.

I hope you enjoyed our easy baby shower party games!

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Coed Baby Shower Party Games

Distraction Reaction Party Game
You'll need one life like baby doll dressed including a diaper and several extra diapers.

One at a time your guests try to change the diaper while dealing with distractions that are applied by the other guests.
Distractions should be things that stay at home parents deal with on a daily basis such as; ringing phones, knocking on the door, even a little sister falling down and scraping her knee.
Distractions must be handled as if they are real situations.
The winner is the guest that changes the diaper the quickest while dealing with the distractions.

More coed baby shower games here.

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Unique Baby Shower Games

Playing the same baby shower games at a party can become monotonous and very boring.

Try some of these unique baby shower games to add some real excitement to your next baby shower party.

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