Cool Carnival Party Games For Kids

We have a cool selection of carnival party games so Step Right Up, folks...your about to witness some fun carnival game ideas!

Carnival Supplies:

Make your carnival party games seem so real, go to Walmart and buy a roll of tickets for $2.00.

carnival party games,carnival,carnival game ideas,carnival games Don't forget the face paint, their going to need their faces painted! After all, it's a carnival!

Grab some plain colored gift bags and stickers , write their "Names" on them, let them finish decorating their bags with carnival themed stickers or colored markers.

This will hold their tickets and their prizes! No guessing who's prize it was at the end of the party. This will also keep them entertained until all the guest arrive.

Heavy duty cardboard and paint. Make a clown cardboard cutout for the carnival games below.

If this is within your party budget, try to give your carnival parties the real look and feel with a popcorn machine, dunking rental booth, slushy or snow cone machine, cotton candy machine and of course the hot dog machine and balloon cupcakes or balloon cake.

You can make instant carnival game booths, carnival game booths for kids don't have to be elaborate. Consider everyday items that you may have around the house.

You can create really cool carnival parties in your own backyard with the right carnival supplies and carnival toys.

The best ingredients for carnival parties is your creative imagination!

carnival party games,carnival games,carnival,carnival games for kids,carnival game ideas

carnival party games,carnival games,carnival,carnival games for kids,carnival game ideas

carnival party games,carnival games,carnival,carnival games for kids,carnival game ideas

Carnival Games For Kids

Penny Toss: Find a polka dot tablecloth or wrapping paper, duct tape it to a large piece of wood or styrofoam. Place that on two upside down buckets. The kids will get a hand full of pennies for so many tickets. Kids toss their pennies and land on the dots for a prize. You can also use an old bed sheet and colored markers to make the polka dots.

Jelly Beans Guess the number of jelly beans, pennies, or any kind of candy and win the jar full of goodies.

Quarterback: hang a decorated hula hoop with streamers on a rope or clothes line and throw the styrofoam football through it from a distance.

Ball Toss: toss 3 balls into a clowns mouth (cardboard cut out and paint), win a prize. You can cut the clowns mouth big enough for them to put their faces in and take photos! 2 carnival party games in 1!

Basketball Shooting: Decorate your basketball hoop with streamers, the kids get 3 shots per ticket, 2 hoops, 1 prize!

Bucket Toss Ideas: Attach 6 painted buckets or plastic sand buckets to a long board about 6" apart, have the kids to toss a tennis ball or small stuffed animal into each bucket, IN ORDER, bucket #6 will be the bucket that is the farthest away. Whoever makes the most buckets wins the prize!

carnival party games,carnival games,carnival,carnival games for kids,carnival game ideas

Cool Backyard Carnival Game Ideas

Kids love the circus and birthday parties, so, why not bring our carnival game ideas to your own backyard for your next kids birthday party.

carnival party games,carnival games,carnival,carnival games for kids,carnival game ideas Carnival Baskets: Attach 3 painted bushel baskets or 3 round clothes baskets with streamers to a board, angle the board to a 45 degree angle. Have the kids to toss a softball into the basket without it bouncing out! If it's in the basket, you win!

Carnival, Can, Can: Stack painted or decorated empty food cans into a pyramid, 3 on bottom, then two, then 1 on top. Knock cans over with tennis balls. You determine how many cans they have to knock over.

Dart Balloons: Make a backboard out of heavy decorated cardboard, attach small balloons with stick pins. Put a small piece of paper inside the balloon with the prize written on it. With supervision, allow the child to pop a balloon with a dart.(Recommended Ages 4-12.)

Ducks Everywhere: Place a bunch of numbered plastic ducks in a wading pool of water. Have the kids to catch a floating duck with a small net. The prize is determined by the number on the bottom of the duck!

Milk Can Game: Have the kids to try and throw a baseball into a metal milk can. Paint the milk can carnival colors. You can find these milk cans at flea markets or sometimes thrift shops.

Carnival Ring Toss: Have a floating target such as plastic or rubber ducks in a small wading pool of water. Be creative and use your imagination to make the rings, (plastic, rope). Toss the rings over the target, a ringer wins the prize!To make it harder, get the water swirling.

Yard Tic, Tac, Toe Ideas: Make a decorated Tic Tac Toe board on a piece of cardboard or wood. Use bean bags to get three in a row, any direction. Win a Prize!

Some of our Carnival Party Games and Ideas are so simple, yet so much fun for kids! What's your favorite Carnival party games? If you've enjoyed any of our games OR have any of your own Carnival Birthday Party Ideas, please let us know.

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