Cool Drinking Party Games

We as adults are in need of some fun drinking party games that don't include just lemonade or eggnog as the days lead into warmer weather and the holidays.

There's Frat parties going on and then there's your college students that are out for spring break looking for a cool time. They don't have alot of time to spend looking for fun drinking games or fun college party games. These college students are pumped and ready to party so here's some college drinking games that includes How To Play Beer Pong.

Then of course several of us want to celebrate the holidays and bring in the New Years with some fun alcohol games.

You also have those people that want to stay at home on New Years Eve, yet still have some fun new years eve party drinking games.

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OK college students, we thought about college party games, how about the Phineas and Ferb fun drinking game on DVD. Yea, that's right, you don't even have to leave your dorms, all you need is a DVD player to get you smashed. This awesome yet funny drinking game will really get you hammered!

The Phineas and Ferb drinking game is a cartoon mixed with alcohol....imagine that. What can we come up with next... LOL.

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OMG...Here's what we came up with next, thanks to our visitors....Swamp People Drinking Game. These show/movie drinking games are hilarious!

When they catch the gator and yell "SHOOT IT" or "SHOOT EM", you have to shoot - (shooters that is).

Shoot IT = 1 shot ~ Shoot HIM = 2 shots.

Oh, this game could get "Drunk'N Fugly" real quick, are you ready to go swamping?

Awesome party games such as survivor is now one of the top 10 drinking games for the weekends.

Yes, this game can also be a fun drinking game, might as well drink, you're not going anywhere, YOUR STRANDED !

As far as the adult drinking games go we have several. We have one of the top 10 dice drinking games, it's called the if you like to drink and gamble in the comfort of your own home or a friends house.

If your heading out to a club or bar and like to play drinking dice games and really get snockered, well, we got you covered!

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Statue Game

This statue game will make you bust, either bladder wise or laughing, but your not allowed to move.... you're in STATUE MODE.

Playing this game as a drinking game is hilarious!.

Imagine a DRUNK not paying any attention and not knowing what is happening to a room full of people....WTF

These fun drinking games make great college drinking games and also great party drinking games for adults!

Now if you're looking for stripping drinking games, you'll have to return and check out our sexy party games when we get them finished.

We're also working on our drinking games for two people and coin drinking games,so be sure to bookmark our site!

Drinking Party Games #1 - Pass The Pigs

You can play pass the pigs and the LCR dice game as coin drinking games.

Drinking Party Games #2 - Six Pack

Six pack can be played as a 2 player drinking games or you can add as many players as you'd like!

Oh, so you need a couple of college drinking games huh? How about...

Drinking Party Games #3 - WTF...Drinking Game

Drinking Party Games #4 - BAR-ISTA

Grande nonfat mocha with a single shot? Or tall soy cappuccino with a double-shot? Match the beverage shown on a roll of dice to make the perfect cup and win! But wait...other players can force you to spill your drink order, or they can change the drink order and mess up your hand! Or maybe a player is closer to finishing the drink order than you are and calls a Barista challenge.

Drinking Games #5 - Drinkathlon

Let's face it, you've been training all your life for this event...Beer Pong. Your liver is in tiptop shape and ready to take on the world with Drinkathlon, the drinking contest for athleoholics featuring ten different drinking party games.

Be the first of your friends to add your drinking party game to our list and see what the party people think about it!

Vote on our drinking game submissions and tell us what you think!

If you've played one of our fun drinking games , send in a picture and tell us what you thought about the drinking game , just keep it clean!

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