Fun Office Party Games For Groups

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Here are a few fun office party games for large groups that will turn your office party from being a bore to a blast!

There's no reason for a dull, drab office party. It just means someone isn't doing their JOB!

If your having an office Christmas party you may ask everyone to dress the part, at the very least, a Santa hat. Wearing Christmas apparel when playing office Christmas party games helps break the ice.

If you have fun and outgoing co-workers, consider planning a fun office Halloween party in advance.

If you want to have a fun office party, than you really need to consider setting the party theme, appetizers, food and drinks and playing these office party games.

Let's start the party games!

Fun Office Party Games #1

The Stalker Game : First of all you need a fun office stalker. Have your stalker to go around your office party location and make a list of several items that they see (small items). If they've stalked you enough they will pretty much know what you carry on you at all times or what's in your office.

Have your office stalker stand in front of the room and call out an item on their list. Whomever runs up and gives the stalker the item FIRST wins a prize.

* Credit Card

* Santa Hat

* Red Ink Pen

* Box of Tissues

* A Certain Photo

* Nail Clippers

* Red Shoe

* Black Tie

* An Office Supply

Fun Office Party Games #2

The Mating Game: Let everyone in the office party know that talking is strictly forbidden!

fun office party games,party games for large groups, the mating game Divide your office party into two groups. You'll need to choose someone to be the referee.

You'll need to make slips of paper with animal or mammal names on them whatever you choose. Make two of each (monkey & monkey / bear & bear, fish & fish ).

Hand out one slip of paper to each person in the first group and then hand out the matching slips of paper to each person in the second office group. When the game begins everyone needs to ACT out their animal Floping, jumping, flaping, scratching, while searching for their office animal partner (remember no talking.

The object of the game is to find your office animal mate! If you think that you've found your mate, go to the referee who inspects yours pieces of paper if you're not correct, back out into the wild you go!

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Fun Office Party Games #3

Statue Game: If you have to go to the restroom you better go now because this game is fun and quite hilarious.

When your fun partying colleagues arrive you will need to explain this game.

Someone needs to start the game by being the office statue. Sometime during the office party this person must turn into a statue in the middle of doing something (eating, talking, drinking).

As soon as somebody notices that this person is an office statue, they too must become an office statue immediately. This continues until the last person notices, than it starts over, the last person must then become the statue for the next game.

All the colleagues really had fun with this office party game!

Fun Office Party Games #4

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Who I Am Game.... We played this game, we used our office co-workers as our fun characters. They don't have to be present at the office party to use them, just be nice!

Cut out sheets of paper (name tag size) these will be your tags. On each tag write the name of a famous person or character on them.

When your office party guest arrive have them to draw a tag out of a hat or box.

You will pin the paper tag that they drew to their back.

Your office party guest will then go around and ask the remaining guest questions throughout the fun party trying to figure out "Who They Are". Your guest will give them an honest hint in their answers.

Make sure to tell your office party guest to keep it a secret, NOT TOO MUCH INFORMATION, only hints!

If your office party guest thinks they know who they are, then gather the rest of your office party guest into a circle.

That office person will stand in the middle of the circle and say "WHO AM I " - I AM ______________. If they don't guess who they are then they must return to the party and mingle to ask more questions.

They only get 3 guesses, after the third guess their out of the game. The last person remaining in the game "WHO AM I" is the winner.

The winner then gets a small prize. If it's a small office party, the winner normally gets an office prank gift!

When playing the "WHO AM I GAME" , keep in mind your office party guest list. Try to create characters that all your office co-workers will know, otherwise, they won't be able to give good hints.

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