Funny Party Games For Teens And Adults

Our funny party games are cool and unique silly games that will turn any adult or teen party occasion into a funny, i mean hilarious good time.

Get ready for some fun party games, even your party guest with a poor sense of humor will have to find these teen party games and fun adult party games hilarious!

The best part about these fun games is that they don't cost hardly anything, you can find alot of the game props lying around your home or borrow them from a friend.

A couple of these games are so funny because you just don't see adults playing these somewhat sort of embarrassing but fun games.

OK, lets get started and have some fun!

Funny Party Games # 1

funny party games,funny games,hilarious games,hilarious party games Who's The Sucker Now - This is a hilarious game, when you see a bunch of adults or teenagers sucking a baby bottle you're bound to crack up!

To play this silly party game, you'll need pacifiers and a 4 oz baby bottle for each player. Be sure to buy the largest nipple hole size that you can. You'll see the nipple size on the package.

Each bottle is filled with alcohol of choice. You can then say GO and each player has to suck down the entire contents of the bottle. The first one to empty the baby bottle is the Sucker Champion!

The champion then gets to pass out 3 shots to 3 people of his choice. The loser has to drink 3 shots of choice within 15 minutes. If you have a party pooper, they must hold a pacifier in their mouth as long as the game continues. This gives them more of an incentive to just go ahead and play the game, their going to look funny anyhow!


You can play one of our other fun party games, such as a dice game or fun card game and the losers of each round must suck the bottle empty. Believe me it is really funny to not only watch, but to participate in these hilarious party games!

Funny Party Games # 2

funny party games,silly party games,funny games,hilarious games,hilarious party games Egg Roulette - This funny game will let you know who is the brave soul amoungst your party goers. Hard boil a bunch of eggs and draw funny faces on them. Set them all out in a bowl in the center of the table. Tell your party guest that there is 1 egg that is still raw.

Each player must pick up a funny faced egg and crack it against their forehead. C'mon...who wants egg on their face.

Little does your guest know that actually ALL the eggs are hard boiled and this is only a test to see who's not afraid to egg their face. The last person remaining is always funny because they've seen where everyone else had a hard boiled egg, so their egg has to be "RAW". If the last player continues to crack the egg on his forehead, they become the winner of Egg Roulette because they had the courage to do so in front of the entire party guest. A gift is rewarded!

To make this silly game hilarious, really leave 1 egg raw, but tell your guest there's 2 raw eggs. The last player will still think they have the other raw egg.

Funny Party Games # 3

funny party games,silly party games,funny games,hilarious games,hilarious party games Brave To Shave - Both versions of these shaving games are funny, play one or play them both! You may not use your hands at any time or your out of the game.

Blindfold is the first version and all party guest are divided equally into teams or this game can be played with couples.

One of the team members or couples is blindfolded, the other teammate sits in a chair and lathers up their own face with plenty of shaving cream.

Each team or couple has 1 minute to remove the most shaving cream from their partners face...sounds easy you say...remember no hands. You are blindfolded while shaving their face with a spoon.

Seems as if the nose and ears always get the raw end of the deal in this hilariously funny game!

Just Face It - this version is when you have a large balloon with a face drawn on it. Each balloon is loaded with shaving cream from top to bottom.

Guess What... there isn't any spoons,only real razor blades!

Each guest will participate in this shaving cream game.

They must shave their balloon face with a real razor blade within 1 minute. Whomever shaves the most without popping their balloon wins! This game is funny when the balloon pops and shaving cream blows all over your guest.

You can make these silly games even more hilarious by adding shaving cream or water to the inside of the balloon!

Funny Party Games # 4

funny party games,funny games,hilarious games,hilarious party games Freeze The Tees - To play this funny game you'll need to collect a T-Shirt from all your party guest several days before the party.

You need to soak the T-shirts and place them in the freezer until the day of the party. When your ready to play, remove all the T-shirts from the freezer and have the party goers to pick out and put on their own T-shirt the best way possible on the count of 3. The person who has their T-shirt pulled completely down wins the game.

A prize, such as a T-shirt with a funny quote can be awarded!

Funny Party Games # 5

funny party games,funny games,hilarious games,hilarious party games Running Wild - This game is so funny, imagine full grown men running in a pair of high heels!

You'll need extra shoes, sandals, boots.

Game Shoes - Pair of size 13-15 men shoes the bigger the better and pair of women's high heels, the higher the better.

Teams of 4 - 5 players is best

To begin this funny game, have all your party people to remove their shoes and place them in a pile. You then add extra shoes and mix them all around. Cover them with something until the game is ready to begin.

Divide the players into teams by having them draw a number out of the bag Team #1 or Team #2.

Each team will stand at the opposite end of the shoes in a line. Make your distance to the other end far enough away so that is a real challenge to run the distance in the GAME SHOES.

On the count of 3 the first team player must run to the pile of shoes, wearing the GAME SHOES that you chose to start. They than pick out their own shoes put them on and run back and give the next player the same game shoes that they were wearing. The first team to finish and have their own shoes on is the winner!

This silly party game is hilarious so be sure to bring your cameras and recorders.

You can pick up some great used shoes at goodwill stores, just be sure to spray them with Lysol for health reasons. You may need a couple pair unless the heels break on a pair during game play.

These games are excellent funny party games for large groups!

Funny Party Games For Large Groups Of Adults

funny adult party games, funny party games,silly party games for adults, hilarious party games,party games for teenagers,funny group games Speaking of silly party games, this game is funny, silly, hilarious or whatever you want to call it.

The object of this game is to shake out all your balls, round bells or whatever object you decide to place in the rectangle tissue box. Add at least 8-10 objects in each box.

So what's so funny about this adult party game you say...Hold On, you can't use your hands.

It's a good idea to have this game ready to play before your guest arrive. Have your Kleenex boxes made ahead of time.

Use a rectangle tissue box and cut holes in each end than tie a string through the box.

Now add your objects. I like the balls and larger bells mixed because you get the sound effects to go with it!

Make sure your string is long enough to fit below the hips of all your party guest.

An option is to use duck tape below the hips as seen in the picture, but this could get expensive.

All you need to do now is pick out your music and start the party!

Funny Party Games For Adults

funny teenager party games,funny adult party games, funny party games,silly party games for adults, hilarious party games,party games for teenagers,funny group games

This is a funny group game or it may even turn into a funny 1 minute game for some teens or adults....LOL.

You'll need a big stuffed animal and two volunteers,(one of each sex), a roll of masking tape, markers and balloons that have a small piece of paper in them with a funny dare written on it.

This game get's hilarious because it seems as if there's always a funny clown in the group. But this time the jokes on them!

Begin the game by having your two volunteers stand up facing your group of party guest. Now it's time to ask your guest (including your volunteers) to place their initials on a small piece of masking tape and tear it off and hold onto it for awhile.

Now it's time to start the "FUN" in FUNNY.

Ask your party guest to pass the stuffed animal around stick there piece of tape on it and kiss it. After everyone is finished ( including your volunteers) it's time to call your guest up one by one.

Now you have to tell them that it's time to kiss the volunteer in the same place as they placed their tape.

If they choose not to kiss them in the exact spot as their tape than they must pop a balloon and do the DARE!

This is Hilarious because even your male and female volunteers don't know what they volunteered for until now. It gets even funnier when your volunteers have to turn and kiss each other in the spot they also marked....DOUBLE WHAMMY

The person who made the party guest laugh the most wins a Silly party games Prize!

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