Preschool Halloween Games
" Bat Pass "

Bat Pass is a preschool Halloween games version of the game "Button! Button! Who has the Button?", using a small bat instead of a button.

cute Halloween bat

Preschool kids love playing tricks and games with each other.

Bat! Bat! Who has the Bat? is a great way for preschoolers to play harmless tricks on each other and enjoy a fun Halloween game at the same time.

You may need to stress that when they put the Halloween bat into someones hand that they should try really hard not to give away the secret! Beware, preschool children have a hard time keeping a secret the first few games.

Object Of The Halloween Game - Bat Pass

To figure out who has the Halloween bat hidden in their hands.

Number of players

4 or More


Tiny bat (small enough to fit into the palm of a child's hand)

Setting Up The Halloween Game

Have the children sit in a circle with their hands out in front of them, palms touching.

How to play

Choose one preschooler child to stand in the center of the circle. This player holds his hands out in front of him too!, except he has the Halloween bat hidden in his...pocket, sock, pant leg, shirt,etc.

The player holding the Halloween bat moves around the circle pretending to secretly drop the bat into a seated players palms.

He does drop the bat into a seated player's hands but continues to play afterward as if he still has it.

He eventually stops going around the circle and repeats the chant: "Bat! Bat! Who has the Bat?"

The seated player's try to guess who has the bat. Whomever guesses correctly which preschooler has the bat, than that player gets to move to the center and the game starts over again.

Winning the game

Yea, everyone wins this preschool Halloween game. Play long enough to give everyone a chance at being in the center of the circle.


You can use other Halloween items for this preschool game as long as they fit into the palm of a child's hand.

Paint an orange to look like a pumpkin face, cut a white sock to look like a ghost, black sock cut out in the shape of a bat.

The best part about Halloween games for preschoolers is, preschoolers love to use their imaginations so you can create something out of practically anything!

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