Scavenger Hunt Party Games For All Ages

Are you tired of the same old scavenger hunt party games? You're not alone! Scavenger hunts have become a big hit for party games, but, if you're like me, you get tired of playing the same scavenger hunt game over and over.

Let's see if we can find a few new hunts to bring out the detective in your guest. I'll do an online scavenger hunt list of ideas and bring the best scavenger hunts for adventure back to you.

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Ah, look what I discovered through my online scavenger hunt party games search, a list of free scavenger hunt ideas that will definitely bring out the detective at your next party.

scavenger hunt party games
I also discovered this scavenger hunt book written by a professional party planner. This e-book gives you every detail you'll ever need for throwing awesome scavenger hunt parties for ages 3 - 80. Click Here! and start planning your Halloween scavenger hunt or scavenger hunt for kids parties right now!

Scavenger Hunt Party Games And Ideas:

* Mall Scavenger Hunt Lists: Make a list of items from certain stores and areas within the mall that your guest will have to find and bring back or take photos. Maybe an ATM machine or a certain brand name shoe on sale...

* Camera Scavenger Hunt List Ideas: All these items need to be photographed, mainly because you can't remove the items from there location or there too heavy...

* Video Camera Scavenger Hunt List Ideas: With a video camera you can see the items and hear the sounds that your party planner ask for. Maybe they want you to capture a video of a clerk named John, you will have to video his name badge and ask him to speak his name into the camcorder.

* Kids Scavenger Hunt

* Back to School Scavenger Hunt Lists Ideas: Mainly for grades K-2. Divide classroom into teams. Give each team a color. Each team has a certain color of items they must find throughout the classroom while learning the meaning of the words, over, under, beside, between, behind, around. Use photos with written words on or attached to the picture. Now their learning how to read!

* Adult Scavenger Hunt Lists: Malls, Restaurants, Walmart, just about anywhere. Find certain articles.

* Library

* Teenagers - Internet Scavenger Hunt, Online articles on You Tube and Facebook.

* Nature Scavenger Hunt List: Have these in wide open spaces like city parks and certain neighborhoods.

* Bible Scavenger Hunt List Ideas: This is great to play at a baby shower also. Find common names in the bible that have biblical meanings. Noah, Jacob. Find out what the popular names in the bible mean. Match the name to the meaning in your list.

* Newspaper Scavenger Hunts: The host provides newspaper and scissors. You must be the first to find and cut out all the clues. Garage sales, Obituaries, Headline, etc. Be careful not to rip your paper articles or there might be points deducted for missing information.

* Travel Scavenger Hunt

* Math Scavenger Hunt

* Halloween Scavenger Hunt

* Easter Scavenger Hunt with Easter items hidden. Kids ages 3-12 enjoy indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts riddles with rhymes.

* Christmas Scavenger Hunt

* GPS Scavenger Hunt - All teams start of in a vehicle at opposite ends of the town. Leave at least 2 clues for each end North, South, East and West parts of town. The first team to gather all the clues on camera and return back to the center of town and show the scavenger hunt host all the photo's wins the game!

The scavenger hunt list goes on and on. All you have to figure out is the type of scavenger hunt you want to play and items that match the theme.

Let's take for instance a birthday party scavenger hunt, start the party games along the way. Say you're traveling to your party destination, look for the clues you were given along the way. Take a picture, the person who gathers the most clues by hand or on camera wins!

Your clues could be a certain birthday party sign, a balloon, a colored ribbon, a cardboard birthday cake, etc.

You'd better keep those phones and cameras ready at all times, you only have so much time to compete with the other scavenger hunt party guest once you receive the call to start the game.

These are excellent scavenger hunt party games for parents and kids when traveling also. It keeps them entertained until you arrive at your destination!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Party Games And Ideas

If your dressed and ready to go on a Halloween scavenger hunt in the cemetery, than lets go.

Go to a nearby cemetery and look for items that you could list for your scavenger hunt party games. If you really want scary scavenger hunt ideas, it's all about the location, location, location.

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If your local cemetery isn't large enough for your Scavenger hunt ideas, have your guest to dress in their Halloween costumes and meet at another central location. Have your party guest to bring a camera along because your scary Halloween party will need cameras.

You need a camera because it's impossible to carry over a large tombstone to show a name or a certain date. Besides that, you'd probably get arrested. Please, just because it's Halloween, let them RIP, no destruction.

It's always rewarding to have a camera hunt because you always have the pictures to remind you of such a great Halloween party!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas :

* Dates on tombstones: 1865-1932

* Last name on a tombstone: Carter

* Family Plot: 4 or more relatives buried together, last name, Stevens

* Cemetery Mosalium: Name

* Tombstone: Has Picture of Face

* Cemetery Statue: Soldier

* Tombstone Design: Cross

* Soldiers Mound: Flag Holder with Navy, Army, Air Force or Marines.

* Soldiers Mound: Certain Name of Soldier, To Thank

* Certain Type of Grave Decoration

* Standard Size Flag

Only allow your Halloween party guest 45 minutes to 1 hour to find and capture these items on camera. This amount of time will give them the heart pounding rush they desire on Halloween. The ones who found the most items during this scavenger hunt are considered the winners!

We gave you ideas of places you can go to play your free scavenger hunt party games, now we'll give you a list on how to create your desired type of scavenger hunt clues and riddles.

This way you can see what works best for you and your party guest. The difficult part is the scavenger hunt lists riddles.

There's 5 steps in creating scavenger hunt list clues.

#1 - Location: Where your having your scavenger hunt.

#2 - Hiding Spots: Make sure the area is large enough for whatever you're going to hide there.

#3 - Find Keywords: Associate your clue with your hiding spots.

#4 - Find Rhyming Words: Write down words that rhyme with your clue.

#5 - Putting Your Clue Together: Give your first clue to your guest.

Say they found the first clue, then a clue to the next location must be left where they found the first clue.

If you have any scavenger hunt party games or ideas we would love to hear from you.

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