Survivor Party Games

These cool and unique outdoor scavenger hunt survivor party games are made especially for adult and teen party game playing. It's also one of the top party games for college party games.

These survivor games are a unique and different way for adults and teenagers to experience outdoor party fun like no other. This is not played like a murder mystery game where each team has a script to go by, your really on your own to survive.

Who will be the final survivor is totally up to you and your team mates.

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If you think you are a true survivor and can find your way off of or out of a deserted island or may want to think again.

You need to do a lot more than think, you need to survive this game!

Before you start your survivor party games, lets go over a few details.

Your survivor party games list will include:

#1 - Survivor games complete and easy set up instructions that will make your survivor party run smoothly.

#2 - A customizable rule sheet - for in and out of bound playing areas.

#3 - The Enticing Mystery Letter - this is where the excitement begins, this letter explains the objectives of the game. You can see your survivor party guest really getting pumped right about now.

#4 - A team check list - helps keep track of items needed for each survivor team, also, helps sort out the teams clues to solve the mystery and help survive.

#5 - 42 Survivor cards - these cards will contain 30 food , 4 shelter, 4 fire, and 4 water cards.

# 6 - 8 cards containing clues, 10 cards with voodoo curses and 10 cards that cure the voodoo curse on your team mate.

survivor party games,survivor games,survivor party,survivor birthday party games,adult party games, cool party games,teenage party games

Survivor Party Games

The game plot thickens as all the survivor players are stranded alone on a island.

Well...almost alone, there are voodoo natives that are very dis-trustful of all of you on their so called island.

To begin the survivor party games all the survivor players must choose teams. Even though you have survivor team mates, you're still on your own!

Let the survivor games begin, each team will go around and search the island or area to find the necessities to survive. To find the necessities you'll need to search for the different cards hidden around the area.

Each team needs to collect a shelter, water, fire and food card. Finding the food card is an essential because it can be traded with other survivor teams for the items your team still needs.

Not a problem right....hold on, did you forget about the voodoo natives?

Long ago there was a person stranded in the same location, he had to deal with the voodoo natives who didn't trust anyone on their island.

How did he survive?....It's All In The Survivor Games Letter.

At the start of the survivor party games, all of the survivor party goer's will read a letter that was written by the person who was once stranded on this island and had to face the voodoo natives on his own.

This survivors letter tells about all the curses that the voodoo natives have placed on this island. The person reading this letter tells the only two ways to break the curse, you must find the cure curse cards or solve the name of this mystery island giving by the voodoo natives.

When a player stumbles upon a curse card, they immediately become bound by the voodoo natives curse and become one of the 10 crazy characters or .....

The surviving team mates will then need to find the matching cure card and do exactly as it says to break their team mates curse.

But you need to be quick and find the matching card before the other team does or you may have to give up your nutritional food in exchange for the cure card.

The object of this survivor game is to solve the mystery name of the island giving by the voodoo natives.

The 8 clues hidden on the island will give you the answer. All survivor parties can deal or exchange items with other teams to solve the mystery name of the island.

Once a survivor figures out the name of the island, they must shout it out, all of the curses will than be broken and that team will become the winning survivors!

These survivor games are awesome to play at night , makes for cool camping party games, beach party games, canoe party games.

You can't beat the low price for this adventurous survivor game. This outdoor scavenger hunt party game is so much fun that when you've finished this adventure, sell it to a friend and keep the party games going!

Ready to play here.

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